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Our Exclusive Snake Venom Peptide Skincare Technology

Our scientifically advanced skincare technology, NRT-27®, harnesses the power of natural (non-synthetic) peptides and neuropeptides from whole King Cobra Snake Venom to help you achieve a more youthful and radiant complexion.  Not only does NRT-27® represent next generation skincare science, but you also get to boast to your friends that your daily skincare routine begins with King Cobra Snake Venom!  NRT-27® was developed by our team of biotechnologists, led by neuroscientist and peptide biologics expert Dr. Paul Reid, and is available exclusively in Venin Royale products. (We have a pending-patent.)

Available In: Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum

Other Scientifically Advanced Skincare Ingredients

Red Marine Algae
Widely found along the intertidal basalt shores of the Hawaiian Islands, we incorporated this paraben-free strain of red marine algae, Ahnfeltia Concinna, to help you smooth the appearance of fine lines, while visibly enhancing the firmness of your skin.

Available In: Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum
Pentavitin®, a natural, plant-derived ingredient, will help boost your skin's natural moisture barrier, leading to longer lasting hydration and a softer and silky-smooth complexion. We believe that your skin should not only look great, but it should feel great too.

Available In: Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum

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